Garden of Surprises

Charlie loaded me, my camera and my wheelchair in the car and took me on a photo outing. It was a beautiful day. He took me to one of my favorite spots, Mercer Garden. I was so thankful to be out snapping shots somewhere besides inside my house. :)

Shine the Divine


  1. Beautiful flowers! You got some nice macro shots!

  2. So happy you were able to get out with your camera Susie... I love having my wheelchair on days when it would otherwise be impossible to go anywhere... nature has a way of lifting our spirits... Beautiful, beautiful macros! Thanks for sharing the love up-close:-)

    1. Thank you Laura..I am so grateful I had wheels to take me to see such beauty.

  3. What lovely little macro shots! It's always good to be out among nature.

  4. Such wonderful shots! The flower is so beautiful and you captured the bee gorgeous!

  5. Marvelous Macro photos in beautiful colors. Great !

  6. Beautiful details of the colorful Toad Lilies. They are such intricate flowers. It's great you could get out to photograph them.


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