Stillwater, Oklahoma

These pictures were taken at a park in Stillwater, Oklahoma near Oklahoma State University. My youngest daughter, Carrie was in her graduate program there.

There was a beautiful serenity in the park

The gnarled trees added so much character to the park.

I am always thinking and I wondered how many people had walked up those steps.

There was a Magnolia tree there. I think the flowers are so beautiful.

This Magnolia blossom was reaching for the sun.

This squirrel was on a tree limb taking a bath and I caught it with its tongue out.

Bathing can be tiring and there is always time for a nap in the sun.

A duck with a broken wing. It didn't stop it. It swam all over the lake.

This goose was making its opinion heard.

There seemed to be a difference of opinion.

Nothing like sun bathing on a spring day.


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